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LECTURE December 2013: "On Nothing - For Nothing. Or How the Performative is Brought Forth", Symposium: LaborARTorium: Kunst forscht, aber wie?, München: LMU.

June 2013: „Art and Knowledge Production“, Symposium: Lecture Performance Between Art and Academia, Kopenhagen: Overgaden: Institute of Contemporary Art. 

November 2012: „The Pink Box. Or How Knowledge is Disseminated“, 12. ELIA Biennial Conference: Art, Science and Society, Wien: Museumsquarter.

September 2012: „Artistic Practices and Knowledge Production“,  conference: Sociology of the Arts, Vienna: University for Music and Performing Arts.

August 2012: „Lecture Performances as Forms of Artistic Research“, Summer Academy: Artistic Research in Depth, Helsinki: Theatre Academy.

April 2012: „It’s Too Serious to be Art. Rahmenbrüche in Kunst und Wissenschaft“, Spring School: Strukturen und Brüche, Graz: Karl-Franzens-University.